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Red-shouldered Alzippe - 291


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    Red-shouldered alzippe

    Red-shouldered alzippa is a species of birds from the Warbler family. Previously, it was considered conspecific with Fulvetta danisi. There are two subspecies.

    1. Biology

    They feed on invertebrates, including insect larvae, scaly insects, and seeds. No breeding information available. No migrations are made.

    Article source:

    Alzippe with comments.

    Red-shouldered alzippe rusvakepure fulveta statusas T sritis zoologija vardynas atitikmenys: lot. Alcippe ruficapilla Fulvetta ruficapilla angl. spectacled. Tit Multitran. 396, Euchrepomis humeralis, Chestnut shouldered Antwren, Red-shouldered Terenura 3722, Fulvetta ruficapilla, Spectacled Fulvetta, Red-shouldered Alzippe.

    Pterilography of bird chicks of the world IPEE RAS.

    Red-shouldered cysticola -Cisticola chiniana. Three week old BM chicks without Genus Alcippe. Red-throated Alzippe -. Alcippe rufogularis. Sheet1. 1 red-shouldered alzippe. n. ornit. alcippe de Verreaux Alciphe ruficapilla Dictionnaire russe français universel red-shouldered alzippe. 2 red-shouldered.Altsippa translation from all languages ​​into all languages ​​of Alzippe article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alcippe cinereiceps, mountain alzippe Alcippe striaticollis and red-shouldered alzippe. Chestnut Alzippa translation from Latin into all languages. Red-necked alzippe Alcippe rufogularis Schoeniparus rufogularis fulvetta de Verreaux red-shouldered alzippe Alcippe ruficapilla Fulvetta ruficapilla. Alciphe ruficapilla from Russian into all languages. RUS red-shouldered alzippe f. 3. ENG spectacled fulvetta, Verreauxs rufous headed tit babbler. 4. DEU Rotscheitelalcippe f. 5. FRA alcippe m de Verreaux.

    Dictionary Multitran.

    Verreauxs rufous headed tit babbler Vigors black crested tit Parus melanolophus. Alzippe. What is Fulvetta manipurensis, Red-shouldered Alzippe Fullvetta ruficapilla, Mountain Alzippe Fulvetta Write a review on Alzippe's article.

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