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Paradise Flycatcher - Terpsiphone paradisi Linnaeus, 1758

Spread: Nesting is established in zap. districts of Primorsky Territory: in the bass. middle reaches of the river. Razdolnaya (basin of the river Suifun), on the Khanka lowland in the vicinity of the village. Gaivoron, along the valleys of the middle and lower reaches of the river. Chernigovka and Spasovka, near Lesozavodsk and in the valley of the lower course of the river. Big Ussurka (Iman). In addition, in 1983, one nesting pair was found in the south of the Khasansky district near the village. Ryazanovka.

In all likelihood, it nests in the valley of the river. Rakovka near the city of Ussuriysk and in the Kirov region near the village. Shmakovka. During the nesting period, it was observed in the Chuguevsky district near the village. Wheat. In the Khabarovsk Territory, nesting was found on the right bank of the river. Ussuri [7,8], in the spurs of the ridge. Khekhtsir, 30 km south of the city of Khabarovsk and in the vicinity of the lake. Petropavlovskoe, 70 km north-east. city ​​of Khabarovsk. Outside Russia, breeds in Yugo-Vost. and Yuzh. Asia.

Habitat: In the Primorsky Territory, it inhabits sparse forests and tree-shrub thickets along river valleys and on the slopes of the surrounding hills. In the valley of the middle reaches of the river. Razdolnaya were found in floodplain alder-bird cherry-willow forests with a dense shrub canopy and in sparse maple-linden-oak forests on the slopes of hills with trees and shrubs near agricultural land. In these biotopes, birds preferred dense trees and shrubs along the shores of oxbow lakes and streams.

On the Khanka lowland, the main habitats are dense tree and shrub thickets in the floodplains of rivers, less often - floodplain terraces of the foothills of hills, overgrown with oak-deciduous forests with hazel undergrowth. On the right bank of the river. Ussuri lives on plains and gentle slopes of hills in broad-leaved, mainly oak-aspen, forests with a shrub canopy of hazel and lespedets, which alternated with swampy meadows and agricultural lands. On the coast of the lake. Petropavlovskoe pairs and broods were found in hazel thickets in sparse cedar-deciduous forests.

At present, the habitats of the species are being transformed, in some districts they are completely destroyed as a result of human economic activity. Monogs. Sexual maturity begins at 2 years of age; in summer, flocks of single, probably immature birds usually keep in the nesting area. Nest builds in forks of branches of tall shrubs and low trees at a height of 1-2 m. Clutch contains 4, rarely 3 and 5 eggs. Both partners incubate. The incubation period is 12-13 days. Food - insects, mainly lepidoptera (adults, caterpillars), dipterans, less often leafhoppers, dragonflies, orthoptera [1,2]. The main enemies in the nesting period are magpies. Wintering in Yugo-Vost. Asia. During the period of autumn migrations, flycatchers were found on the island. Big Pelis to the hall. Peter the Great.

Number: The total number is unknown. In the valley of the middle reaches of the river. Razdolnaya near the village. Novogeorgievka in 1972-1973 3 pairs of birds were counted on the 7 km merchroot, and near the village. Borisovka in 1971-1972 1 pair was found per 3 km. In the east. part of the Khanka lowland in 1978, about 150 pairs were counted, and in 1980 - 100 pairs, the average density in 1978 was 20-25 pairs / km2, and in 1980 - 10-17 pairs / km2. On the right bank of the river. Ussuri (v. Venyukovo), the abundance of flycatchers in various habitats is from 9.4 to 19.2 pairs / km2. The main limiting factors are the transformation of habitats as a result of forest fires, uprooting of trees and shrubs, and deforestation of floodplain forests.

Protection: Listed in Appendix 2 of the Berne Convention. Protected in the Khankaisky and Bolshekhekhtsirsky reserves. The main protection measure is the preservation of habitats.

A source: Red Data Book of Russia 1. Nechaev, 1981, 2. Glushchenko, Shibnev, 1985, 3. Dubinin, Gorchakovskaya, 1949, 4. Spangenberg, 1965, 5. Nazarov, 1986, 6. Glushchenko, 1987, 7. Kislenko, 1965, 8. Nechaev, 1974, 9. Kuleshova et al., 1965, 10. Labzyuk et al., 1971.Compiled by V.A. Nechaev.

Interesting Facts

· The paradise flycatcher is considered a rare bird, so some species are already protected in reserves.

· During nesting, flycatchers behave very aggressively, fighting for the best place. Sometimes fights are not complete, but over time, each bird finds a place for itself, and the wars between the birds stop.

· Beautiful chirping with low whistles, which you can listen to at least day and night - yes, this is also about the paradise flycatcher. In the singing of this bird, you can hear the call signs sounding like "zhi", "dzi" and a characteristic crackling.

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